Does laminate flooring really necessary for your project?

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Does laminate flooring really necessary for your project?

In recent years, laminate flooring is always regarded as a new hit floor product for its great features and performance. Today we will evaluate the laminate flooring product so as to give you some advice on your project.

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What is laminate flooring?

For many years, laminate flooring has been regarded as an affordable and functional flooring that is the preferred solution for many projects. Laminates flooring is usually made up of a hybrid particleboard wood base covered with a transparent layer. The production method of this flooring is heating and pressuring the waste wood projects and applying binding chemicals to make it into usable floor coverings. What is more, the common application areas for this product are fewer moisture places such as bedrooms, kitchen, hallways, and dining areas. 

The laminate flooring is very prevailed due to its durable features. It is strong enough to resist impacts and scratches, therefore, families with pets and kids prefer to choose this product. In addition, laminate flooring is handy to clean, maintain, and install and it also can be customized in many styles.

Even though laminate flooring has many distinguishing features such as durable, easy to clean, maintain and install, inexpensive, various styles, and so on, some drawbacks of this product can not be ignored.

First of all, it is vulnerable to get damaged in moisture areas. When being placed in too watery or moisture environments, the floor might be warping or needing to be replaced.

Secondly, this plastic appearance of laminate flooring makes it very manufactured and unreal.

Besides, the improper installation of the laminate flooring can cause noise and hollow sound underfoot which is troublesome for people.

In summary, the evaluation of laminate flooring should be overall. Undoubtedly it is suitable for many projects while it should be considered into many other factors which are helpful for your project decision.

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