To hotel investors and owners: some tips to increase guest loyalty by high-quality hotel bedding!

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The Great Night Sleep Is The Key To Guarantee Guest Satisfaction

It’s widely accepted that higher guest satisfaction can bring more revenues on investment or “ROI”. Here, BuildMost would like to share our suggestions on how to increase guest’s satisfaction! Just imagine that travelers are on their journey, tired and exhausted. What do they want most to relieve themself? The answer comes to a comfortable sleep!

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Sleep, along with nutrition and exercise, is one of the most important things we can do to ensure we have a healthy life. We spend about one-third of our entire lives doing it. Hence, it’s wiser to choose the comfortable hotel bedding in the hotel’s operation! There are three main factors when hotel owners want to choose the right hotel bedding. They are fabric types, the weave of the fabric, and filled goods.

What Fabric Should A Hotel Owner Choose?

There is no doubt that cotton is a popular choice for five-star hotels. Cotton is durable, breathable, easy to care for, easy to launder, and offers great value for money as well as being long-lasting. It’s also a common option for hotel owners! Among different types of cotton, mercerized cotton is an increasingly popular choice for hoteliers. It gives the fabric a lustrous and illuminating appearance as a fantastic luxury bed linen option. This 100% cotton satin stripe duvet cover, offers a smooth and silky feel and is one of BuildMost's bestsellers. Besides, other types of fabric are all available on BuildMost, such as Egyptian Cotton, Polycotton Blends, and Thread Count.

Plus, hotels favor white bed linen instead of other colors. It’s an international symbol of luxury. And visually white linen creates a restful place to sleep. It's simple and clean. And some studies have shown it also enhances the sense that a room has just been redecorated – even if only the bedding or bed has been changed.

How About The Weave Of The Fabric?

A type of weave is used when manufacturing bedding. There are four main types named Percale, Sateen, Jacquard, and Damask. Each type can be applied based on hotel stars and styles. The percale weave is a one-under-one-over weave that ultimately produces a stronger fabric. The result is that a percale weave is sufficiently durable, even after multiple washes and it's generally found on the higher thread count bedding. The threads in a percale weave are tightly woven to ensure a fine texture and finish.

A sateen weave is used using a four-over-one-under process. The result is a lustrous and shiny, almost satin-like feel to the fabric. Typically associated with high-end bed sheets and accessories, sateen sheets are incredibly soft and are great for sleeping during the winter months whilst percale bed sheets offer a cooler feeling when under them.

Jacquard weaving is an intricate and delicate type of weave where a pattern is woven into a fabric and jacquard designs have been commonly seen. Damask is a term used to describe fabric with a patterned weave. You can freely contact BuildMost for more product knowledge about them!

Should Hotel Owners Choose Natural Filled Goods Or Synthetic Filled?

There is a wide range of duvet fillings designed for different eventuality and purpose. Our polyester duvets can provide warmth during winter. And we also offer cozy goose down, goose feather, and down options that are sumptuous and lavish.

For a long-lasting duvet designed to suit any season, consider a polycotton. Or, down duvets are an ideal alternative considering the opulent feel of down without the worries of amplifying allergies. 

We also stock flame retardant duvets which are designed specifically with demanding environments in mind. Tested to British and European safety standards, the flame retardant line of products from our special collections has been strictly checked and approved by various fire and rescue services across the UK. Now, source the hotel bedding on BuildMost.

If you have any questions or requirements, you can contact us, or click “”on the right side of this page to contact our online service.
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