How to Find Suitable Suppliers for your demands

If you are an international buyer in building materials and furnishing industry, no matter what kinds of products you need to purchase, you have to select your suppliers carefully and strictly. Suppliers can influence the quality of products and the on-time delivery, so selecting proper suppliers is the most crucial process that you need to be focused on.

You need to find suppliers who have a rich experience or are specialized in the production of the products you need to purchase. Without assessing their abilities and experience, you are not able to find the right suppliers that match your project. If you pick the inappropriate suppliers, there will be many unpredictable troubles waiting ahead of you. So evaluating the experience and abilities of your potential business partners is the first and most important step during the whole trade procedure.

As we all know, there are different roles of buyers such as project products buyers, dealers, and supermarket owners, and every role has different expectations of their suppliers.

The project products buyer is a joint name of the construction company, the developer, the decoration company, and the proprietor and etc. If you are one of them, you need to focus on the following factors when you' re selecting suppliers.

l  Products in Multiple Categories

Project products buyers need a large number of products in multiple categories. For example, if you are a hotel owner, you need to purchase bathroom products, flooring & walls, doors, windows & curtains, fixed installation closet and etc. Hence, it is more efficient to cooperate with suppliers which can offer you products in multiple categories, thus saving time spent on negotiating with many different suppliers which can only offer one kind of products.

l  A Rich Experience Related to Your Projects

You need to evaluate your suppliers' abilities and experience related to your project. If your new project is a villa, then you' d better find suppliers which have a rich experience in supplying quality products and services for villa projects, rather than offices or schools. The ability to make an optimal delivery plan according to your construction schedule is another factor needed to be evaluated.

l  Design Services 

If you do not have your own designers, it would be more efficient for you to cooperate with suppliers which offer design services as well.

good-quality supplier

If you are a dealer or supermarket owner, then what would you pay attention to when you are looking for suppliers?

l  Production of the Most Popular and Top-Selling Products

In order to adapt to the market, you should find suppliers who have the ability to develop and design new products from time to time, such as the most popular and top-selling products which can reduce the expense you spend on inventory and increase your sales volume.

l  Products in Multiple Categories

Online and offline supermarkets owners both need various kinds of products in building materials and furnishing. For example, a supermarket owner may need doors, windows, curtains, tiles, ceiling and lighting and so on at the same time. So you need suppliers that can offer you various kinds of products. But situations are slightly different for dealers: for example, if you are the dealers who only need products related to the bathroom, you can find suppliers which are specialized in supplying bathroom-related products.

l  A Steady Supply of Products

If your supermarket is always in this situation: either doors are out of stock, or windows are out of stock. This may leave a bad impression on your customers. Hence you also need suppliers which are able to provide a steady supply of products and ensure you get your goods on time.

Through what we' ve discussed above, do you want a platform that can help you select suppliers in a more efficient way? Do you need a platform where you can see suppliers' basic information, main products, and previous cases?

Check on BuildMost and there are no more troubles in selecting suppliers!

l  Volume Quality Suppliers

On BuildMost, over 3000 suppliers have already registered, including multiple identities: manufacturers, exporters, project products suppliers and etc. By checking their company profile, main products, previous cases,  production lines and production equipments, you can evaluate if they are able to meet your expectations.

l  Full Product Categories in Building Materials and Furnishing Industry

There are over 300 product categories in building materials and furnishing industry: kitchen, bathroom, flooring & walls, doors, windows curtains, stone, staircase railing, fixed installation, closet, ceiling, movable housing furniture, outdoor living, curtain walls, and lighting and so on. No matter you' re looking for products for sale or for your own project, you will find almost all that you need on BuildMost.


Do not hesitate, join BuildMost and find suppliers that perfectly match your requirements!

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