3 key features for choosing windows

A new set of windows could make the building much more beautiful and energy efficient. Here are the 3 key features you should consider when choosing windows.

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Window Materials

Wood window sashes can be replaced to update a drafty window, but they require a bit more maintenance. 

Clad-frame windows feature an aluminum or vinyl shell. They are used most frequently in new construction and are attached with nailing flanges that fit underneath the siding material.

Vinyl clad windows are available in a variety of colors, and they don't require as much maintenance as wood windows (and don't need painting). They don't look quite as nice as wood windows, but they're cheaper, and insulate almost as well.

Select Glass

Single-pane glass is outdated in most situations. Double-pane windows have a sealed air space between the layers of glass to reduce heat loss. They are available in several variations with improved insulating ability, including "low-E" glass with an invisible coating of metal on one surface and windows containing an inert gas like argon for added insulation.

If you live in a cold climate, you may consider triple-pane windows. A triple-pane window can save 2-3% on your heating bill compared to double-pane, but they will cost 10-15% more.

Multi-panes windows also provide a good level of sound insulation and are a must in urban areas or home facing busy streets. Better insulated windows are also less likely to have foggy issues as the temperature difference occurred.

Window Style

Here are a few types to consider.

Casement windows pivot on hinges located on the side of the window frame, they open like doors. Casement windows offer an unobstructed view, along with a more contemporary and modern look. While double-hung windows slide up and down and offer a traditional look. The two are out-opening window that always be applied for external wall.

Sliding windows can be less expensive, and they require little maintenance—but they don't provide as much ventilation, since only half of the window will open. But it can be applied for small space. Same way in small space, Bay windows make a dramatic statement and can help make a room look (and feel) larger. They are perfect for breakfast nooks, giving a dining room more breathing space, or just adding a spot for the dogs to lie down.

Then, based on the needs, design, budget and window functions, it’s easy to make a suitable choice of windows. There are numerous windows with different materials, style and price for your choice on BuildMost. If you need windows, you can freely source them from those suppliers directly. Start the business at the category of Doors, Windows & Curtains.

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