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May you have noticed that there is a News block in the main menu of BuildMost, more possibly, you have read some of them. This is a special news station for users, providing valuable and related information of the platform, the industry and international trade. So what the new station could offer and what you can do with it?

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Read the news of building industry

If you are a dealer of building materials, knowing what’s the newest or hot-sale products is important, as well as the policy of international trade. The new and hot-sale products show the trend of this sort of product. It can help you to make a right choice of what to sell. Meanwhile, the trade policy (tariff, rules of delivery, permission of import/export and so on) of countries and regions would impact your business. So you have to keep informed of the latest news and info of the industry you are involved in. And all of the information you could read on the News block of BuildMost.

Be skilled for applying BuildMost

Some of users may feel confused on how to use BuildMost while it has many functions. On BuildMost, there are millions of products, but how can I get what I need. There are thousands of suppliers, but how can I find those best choices? There are design services, but how I can enjoy them? All of these questions could be answered on the news of BuildMost? Here you can know the regulation, logic of the platform, learn how to use the platform and the BuildMost App. Excepting the basic functions, there are many little tools on BuildMost. Such as: currency converter, Instant Messaging, customer service and so on. Those will help you to make BuildMost an effective tool for doing business.

Gain benefit from BuildMost

As a user, knowing the news the platform will help you to take advantage of BuildMost better. There are many sorts of useful information you can get. Such as: the sale promotion, the product discount, the updated function, the new policy and the like. During the 127th online Canton Fair, there is a sale promotion for global clients, helping them to source more products other than Canton fair. Besides, maybe you have noticed that there is a product discount shown on the banner from time to time. These discounts provided by the quality suppliers of BuildMost, allowing you to buy products with a cheaper price. At the same time, there will be a detailed introduction for each updated function and policies, helping you to have a full understanding of BuildMost.

The news of BuildMost is the required reading for those who involved in building materials. Those could be the key information for your reference. So keep an eye on the news block of BuildMost.

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