How to select movable furniture for living room

As the main space for entertainment and social communication, living room is an important part for a house. When it comes to movable furniture for living room, it needs to look good and be super comfortable. It should be a warm, welcoming environment for friends and family. There are some simple tips for you to find the right furniture.

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Make a plan first

If you haven’t already measured the room, go ahead and do it now. You can even take it one step further and draw out a floor plan to help you know the space better. Consider where people walk, which areas require easy access and where the doors and windows are so you’ll have enough space to move around with ease. That can help you to figure out where to put furniture; how many of them you need and what exactly the size should be.

Pattern and color

Choosing fabrics with bold patterns and different color is a great way to tie together a couple of furnishings that wouldn't ordinarily "go" together. Funky and vibrant patterns are all the rage, and the rooms that successfully combine a variety of patterns are wonderful to be in. For example, you could redecorate your couch in a striped pattern and choose a large scale floral in like colors for your guest chairs. Then choose a smaller scale of the same floral pattern for accent pillows on the couch.

Select the materials

If you prefer wood furniture in its stained state, finding different pieces in the same shade of wood is a great way to unify a dissimilar combination of furniture. For example, if you have a big dark coffee table, and you want to use smaller end tables in lighter wood, you'll want at least two of the smaller tables so that they have similar visual weight as the coffee table. Metal is a good complement to a contemporary eclectic decorating scheme, but it won't work as well in a formal room.

If you have a clear a plan for your living room, you can source the movable furniture on BuildMost. Covering the different design, style and price level, these thousands of furniture can be gotten from suppliers directly with factory price.

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