How to make a choice between a walk-in shower and a bathtub

Shower or tub, which one is more suitable for you? How could you make a judgment? What factors you should think over? Answering the following questions could do some help:

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How Much Space Do You Have?

The average area of a bathroom is over 3.5 square meters and a standard tub is less than 2 square meters. Bathrooms see a lot of activity, and cramped spaces induce stress. A walk-in shower may be the right choice if you have a small bathroom because they take up an average of 1.1 square meters of floor space. That extra area of open floor can make a surprisingly big difference.

Who Is Using This Bathroom?

Think of either the people in your household or your potential buyers. Young, busy couples tend to prefer walk-in showers over tubs. The same is true for many elderly and disabled individuals because walk-ins are easy to get into and out of. If you plan to keep or install a master bathtub, consider deep, stand-alone models. These provide a luxurious option for those who like to soak in comfort. You can even look for varieties with internal heaters that help keep the water warm.

Is Energy Efficiency a Priority?

Today’s efficient shower heads will save you money on your water bill. The average shower only uses 75 liters compared to the average bath’s 115. This is a bonus for your wallet and it also makes your property more competitive in the resale market. Obviously, energy efficiency is a top priority for today’s homebuyers.

What’s the Budget?

According to HomeAdvisor, the average cost to install a tub is cheaper than build a walk-in shower. Don’t let the price tag of a walk-in scare off you. This style is trending in every region and surveys show that 65 percent of homeowners want showers in their homes. If a walk-in doesn’t fit your budget, a standard shower stall might be the next best thing. That could be a more cost-effective choice than walk-in shower.

Knowing the costs and benefits of each style can help you make an informed decision. The choice goes beyond your own taste and impacts resale value, energy efficiency, and family living. Consider how much space you’re working with, who will use it and how much you want to invest and hopefully the right choice will be clear.

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