4 reasons to apply BuildMost IM for your communication

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When you find a supplier who you plan to cooperate with, how you contact with him? By e-mail or Whatsapp? In fact, there is a more effective and convenient way for your choice – Instant Messaging of BuildMost. It’s available on both Web and App, without the request of installing any plugin. You can find it (shown as IM) on the right corner of website, or in the main menu of App. Now let’s check how to apply it for your business.

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1. Chat link to quotations/suppliers

As you can see in the profile of a supplier, there is a button – “Contact Now”, that allows you to contact the supplier by the Instant Messaging (IM). It’s unnecessary to get their e-mail address or whatsapp number anymore, just say “Hi” to him directly. Those chats are linked to related suppliers and quotations. You can distinguish them easily, rather than check the contacts or e-mail address frequently.

2. Keep in touch at any time

How could you communicate with you suppliers before? Send one e-mail after another, and check your inbox again and again. That’s a tedious and time-consuming work. With IM of BuildMost, you can communicate with your suppler like a friend talk, obtaining the instant information. That makes the communication more effective than before. In addition, keeping a continuous relationship is possible.

3. Freely transmit files

When sending pictures or files to someone by e-mail, you have to add attachment with the e-mail. Similarly, after received those attachments, you must to download them to view the details. On BuildMost IM, those inconveniences are not a trouble any more. You can freely transmit pictures or files, even for a large size, and check them directly by clicking.

4. Chat record last for months

Maybe you will forget some details of your communication. But don’t over worry about it. The chat records will last for a long time, which is convenient for your checking. In addition, pictures and other files will be stored in “My Shared Files”, which ensures the files’ validity. Apply it as a cloud storage may is an extra function for you.

Will this be helpful for you? Try it yourself.

If you have any questions or requirements, you can contact us, or click “”on the right side of this page to contact our online service.
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