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Today, we are going to talk about the homepage of BuildMost, telling you about the different blocks and what you can do with them. Also, you can get some guides from “For New Users” on the top.

User’s account

First of all, you should register a BuildMost account for free that allows you to enjoy further service of the platform. For example, you may apply the “search bar” to find suppliers or source discount promotion by the banner info. But you need to log in for a detail communication.

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Main products and services

The core services of BuildMost have been shown on the main menu (the black stripe).It contains “Categories”, “Design Service”, “Find Requirement”, “Hospitality, Restaurant & Medical Supplies” and News.

“Categories” owns 16 product categories where you can find almost all of the furnishing and building materials from. View details

“Design Service” provides a transaction place for designers and their clients, where professional and experienced design service could be found. Learn more.

“Find Requirement” offers suppliers and buyers a method to make an accurate match, that enables you get ideal clients or quotations. Relevant info

“Hospitality, restaurant & Medical Supplies” is an extra product supplies serving for particular applications like: hotel, restaurant and hospital. If you need those, click to source immediately

“News” is an information center where you can read everything of BuildMost and the useful news about the industry. What’s new? Browse here

Respectively, there is recommended information about them as follow. Scrolling your mouse, you can see in sequence of them: “Find Requirements”, “New Arrivals”, “Recommended Products”, “Recommended Product Suppliers” and “Latest News”. Through the information, you can rapidly find out high-quality products and services.

Useful tools

In addition, there are some useful tools to help you enjoy a better service. “Live Exchange Rate”, you can see it on the left of banner, namely is a useful tool for your calculation, and it will update in real time. The scrolling information below the banner shows the quotations that buyers or design clients received. At the right corner of homepage, there are: button for post requirement, consult service (customer service), instant messaging, feedback and shortcut of back to top, those all can be understood by their name. But if you have any other question, you can freely ask us for help by consult service, or give us a feedback.

If you have any questions or requirements, you can contact us, or click “”on the right side of this page to contact our online service.
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