How to get business opportunities by “Find Requirement”

As a B2B platform, BuildMost is a good place for suppliers to discover business opportunities. But, how can you make it? Excepting the buyer actively contact you for a quotation, you also could make your own effort – quote for the requirement.

On the top menu of BuildmMost homepage, you can see the “Find Requirements”. Here is the page showing the different requirements from global buyers. Those requirements almost cover all the categories of furnishing & building materials, even include medical materials during the pandemic (you can directly source them if you need).

In this scope, no matter what your business is, you can find relevant requirements. But, how can we make those requirements become business opportunities?

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First, find the related requirements

It’s meaningless to get a tiles order if you engaged in sofa business. To get the target requirements, the filter tools on the left of this page are helpful. You can search the key words of your business to look for the relevant requirements. Meanwhile, the filter can help you to exclude those unrelated requirements from the aspects of period of validity, purpose of products and buyer’s religion.

For example, if you want to find a distributor in South Africa for selling your doors. You can search “door” in the search bar, then select a valid time (within the latest 30 days), tick “For own store” and choose the country - “South Africa”. Afterwards, there will show those door requirements of the South Africa distributors. Of course, you also can make a filtrate with 1 or 2 conditions, it based on your demands.

Second, check the requirement’s detail

After you find the related requirements, it’s better to visit its detail page. What you can learn from the detail page include the required product information, size, quantity, term of payment, port of destination and others for the requirement. Those will help you to make a further judgment that whether you should give a quotation.

Third, give a quotation and get in touch

If the required conditions are what exactly you can meet, just give a quotation. After auditing, your quotations will be sent to buyers and you can contact with him directly. What remained is up to the communication between you and the buyer. For a convenient and efficient communication, applying the IM (Instant Messaging) is a good choice for you.

Now, do you know how to quote a requirement? Try it yourself now!

If you have any questions or requirements, you can contact us, or click “”on the right side of this page to contact our online service.
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