4 trends of bathroom decorating

As the first room you will go after woke up from bed, bathroom gives you a very beginning of a day. In order to start each day with a “well begun”, paying much attention to bathroom is necessary. Which style should you choose? What materials to apply? The “4 trends of bathroom decorating” could be your reference:

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The fussy frame is out, mod mirror in

The overdone carved mirror is old-fashion now. Let’s face it: mirrors with nooks and crannies aren’t always the best choice for bathrooms. They’re hard to clean and can collect dust. For 2019, it’s all about the mod mirror. Metal frames and even frameless mirrors are both streamlined and easy to wipe down. Simplification has become popular widely.

An open tub or shower is out, wet room in

If you have the luxury of designing your bathroom from scratch, consider going with a wet room approach. A wet room is basically a separate tiled space in your bathroom that contains a shower and tub. It makes your bathroom incredibly easy to keep dry and clean. Besides, it creates separation so someone can use the rest of the bathroom, including sinks, even when others in the shower.

Landing vanity is out, floating vanity in

Landing vanities are cheap and easy to find. But for some bathrooms, they can look clunky and limit storage options. For the bathroom trends, check out floating vanities. By installing the vanity directly into the wall, the floating vanities make your bathroom more modern. They also let you store smaller things inside while tucking larger items (think baby tubs or step stools) underneath them.

High gloss is out, matte finishes in

From your vanities to your tiles, one of our favorite bathroom trends is the pivot toward matte finishes. A matte marble tile or matte showerhead adds a layer of texture. It’s also easy to take care of since you’re not constantly trying to achieve a high shine. It’s one of those trends that are functional and fashionable.

It’s important to check the trend whether you are going to choose products for your market or just to decorate your own bathroom. If you plan to source those bathroom products to follow the above trend, try to find them on BuildMost now!

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