How to find design service on BuildMost?

If you are looking for design service, you can find them on BuildMost. “Design service” is an important part of BuildMost business. However, lots of you even don’t know that design providers can be found on the platform. It’s self-evident that design idea or blueprint is the very beginning of a building. But it’s not an easy task for many of us to select an ideal design service. Which project the designer is good at? Is the designer’s style suitable for me? How much does the service cost? The following contents may do some help.

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There are two ways to pick up your ideal designer on BuildMost: browse and find the design providers from “design service” menu, or publish your demands for designer on “design requirement”.

Browse and find designer from “Design Service”

As you can see, on the “design service” of the top menu, there are 91 global design providers as of today, and that number keeps growing. On this page, you can browse and pick your ideal designer. And the filter on the left of the page may improve the effectiveness.
First, you have to figure out which type of design you really need: decorating, furnishing, or both? And then, focus on those designers who are specialized in the sort of project you going to start. Of course, if you care about location or team size, you also could knock out those who don’t meet your demands.
While you find the suitable one, you can watch the design cases they have done on the profile page, which may help you to know the designer better. If the design provider is indeed the one you looking for, you could just contact them and talk about the cost and other details directly.

Post your design requirement

Maybe the second method is easier for you. Just put your requirement for design on BuildMost - what project you are ready to start? Which style you prefer? It’s better to be as particular as possible. If there is the design provider meeting the requirement, he will give a detailed quotation, including but not limited: the basic design idea about your project, the project cases they have designed, the price they require and the way of contact. No matter what kind of project you are going to build: house, apartment, villa, hotel, office, hospital and other space, all of the design service can be found on BuildMost.

Now, do you have the idea of how to get
design service from BuildMost? If you got this need, try to browse the list page ( post your requirement( on the platform.

If you have any questions or requirements, you can contact us, or click “”on the right side of this page to contact our online service.
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