How to select proper tiles for your business

When it comes to tiles, there is no shortage of materials, colors, textures and designs to choose. However, not every type of tiles is appropriate for every space.

Here are 7 features you have to consider about:

5 features for selecting

1.  Which kind of materials suitable?

There are two common tiles materials: porcelain tiles and ceramic tiles. The porcelain with higher price is better than ceramic in terms of hardness, durability and intensity. However, the ceramic is lighter and cheaper in delivery and production. It’s hard to say which one is better. That depends on your application.

2.  What is porosity, water absorption?

It is determined by the ratio of air holes to solids in a tile, which impacts the amount of water it absorbs. In summary, tiles with less air hole mean lower water absorption, which is the trait of good quality. If you are installing tile in a bathroom, kitchen, mud room, laundry room, pay close attention to this feature. Usually, as porcelain tile, its water absorption rate must lower than 0.5%.

3.  Polished or glazed?

Glazed tiles combine the advantages of rustic tiles and polished tiles, and the finish of glazed tiles is rich in color, bright and texture,  so the price is higher than polished tiles. In addition, the glazed tile usually is better than polished tile in anti-pollution. But the easier production process makes polished tile cheaper, meanwhile, its simple textures also are welcomed.

4.  Where to apply the slip-resistance?

Most tile materials tend to be slippery when water is introduced into. Excepting the table-board and wall, it is very important to install slip resistant tile. The bathroom is a prime place where fall accidents may happen, particularly the shower area, so good slip resistance is highly recommended.

5.  Wear-resistant tiles for different application

Wear-resistance dictates the suitability of a tile for certain applications. The surface quality of a tile required for a busy shop floor or hotel lobby will be higher than that needed for a wall in a domestic kitchen or bathroom. These tiles with high level wear-resistance for high traffic areas cost much than those tiles for light traffic. It makes sense to apply those different level tiles appropriately.

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