Different Types of Toilets: How to Choose the Right One

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Homeowners, project owners, and developers all have their preferences and standards when choosing a toilet. There are actually quite a few types of toilets to consider before you make that purchase decision. It can be super overwhelming to decide what to buy. Get to know more about what kind of type to buy now:

Knowing the differences between different toilets will better cater to your individual or business needs:

There are a variety of toilet types, styles, and flushing mechanisms to choose from. Today we are going to discuss them by their looks and their flushing mechanisms:

Different Toilet Styles

Next, you should decide on your toilet style. You can choose whether you want your toilet to be a single-piece or a two-piece one, wall-hung or attached to the floor, high-level or low-level. But let’s get into some more details and discuss each option separately. Here’s a list of different styles of toilets for your property:

1. Two-Piece Toilets

The most popular toilet design is this one. The water tank and bowl are separate, in contrast to the one-piece toilet. Two-piece toilets can be challenging to clean and sanitize while being inexpensive and highly robust.

2. One-Piece Toilet

One-piece toilet installations are simple, and you might even do it yourself. Since there are no difficult-to-reach spots, they are simple to clean and maintain. One-piece toilets are ideal for bathrooms with limited space since they are smaller. Although they are more expensive, the benefits far outweigh the costs.

3. Back-to-Wall Toilets

Back-to-wall toilets are a popular modern design. They take up less room, are attractive, and are easy to maintain. The cistern is concealed within the wall or a piece of furniture, while the toilet bowl is fastened directly to the wall. Compared to wall-hung toilets, they are less costly and simpler to install.

4. Wall-Hung Toilets

Wall-hung toilets are modern and fashionable. Since the water tank is built into the wall, they also conserve room. These restroom fixtures can be pricey and challenging to install. To complete the task for you, you must employ a qualified plumber and probably a handyman. The price of the wall-hung toilet as whole increases as a result. The device is rather simple to sterilize, and it undoubtedly has its advantages.

5. High-Level Toilet

High-level toilets will give your bathroom a beautiful vintage look. They have a cistern fitted high up on the wall, which must be solid or reinforced to avoid any issues. High-level toilets feature a long chrome flush pipe with a long pull chain flush for an exquisite design.

6. Low-Level Units

They offer your bathroom a more traditional, retro appearance, much like the high-level toilet. The flush pipe is shorter since the cistern is installed at a lower elevation. The flush mechanism is operated by a traditional-looking lever.


Wall-mounted Tankless Toilet - Modern, Minimal

Flush Mechanisms

A toilet with a suitable flush mechanism can help you save the bills. Some of the most common types of toilet flush are single-flush toilets, dual flush toilets, flushometer valves, and touchless flushing.

1. Single Flush Toilets

Single-flush toilets have one flushing way for both liquid and solid waste. They are probably the types of toilets that are commonly seen in traditional houses. Single-flush toilets use a lot of water, which is one of their drawbacks. Another unpleasant thing about single-flush toilets is that the breaking of the flush button is a pain to deal with.

2. Dual Flush Units

Dual flush toilets have two flushing options, one is half flush, another is full flush. Half flush is usually for liquid waste while full flush is for solid waste. Dual flush toilets gain popularity in recent years because they tend to save more water. They also tend to be a bit more expensive compared to the single flush ones. However, they save you the water bill in the long term.

3. Flushometer Valve

Flushometer-valve toilets, also called commercial toilets, are typically found in commercial, institutional, or industrial restrooms in such places as airports, theaters, stadiums, schools, and office buildings. These types of toilets have two main components—the toilet bowl and the flushometer valve. Flushometer-valve toilets are often tankless toilets.

4. Touchless Flushing

Touchless is probably the fanciest in all of those toilets. They have no toilet flush buttons, levers, or chains. With a touchless flushing system, when the motion-sensor is activated, you can move your hand or your led to flush the toilets. They are more commonly seen in public restrooms or office buildings.

There are overwhelming types of toilets to choose from in the market, including toilet type, toilet style and flushing mechanism, design, bowl type, and outlet trapway. But knowing more about these types can definitely help when choosing a toilet.

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