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Over the past 60 years, a large number of small and medium-sized enterprises became internationally renowned by accumulating experience and wealth through the Canton Fair. With the continuously expanded scale of Canton Fair, exhibitors have been mounting, the transaction volume has been rising, and the demand for booths has been increasing.

Are you still worried that there is no booth to display your products? 

Are you still worried about insufficient customer resources? 

Are you still making great efforts to seek business opportunities?

Joining BuildMost is a golden chance for you to explore more business opportunities.

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Share Linkage Advantages

BuildMost is a B2B international platform focusing on building and decoration materials. We are committed to matching the trade in these areas, with "Technical Innovation, Service First" as the core competitiveness, and determined to become the pioneer of the international building and decoration materials ecological chain.

Joining our sharing booth, you will get a worthwhile business trip in Canton Fair definitely. Since we will not only offer you a booth, but also offer you many additional services as below:

1. Advertising on BuildMost Platform 

We will put advertisement on different locations of BuildMost home page both in PC and mobile.

2. Social Media Promotion

We will put advertisement in the Wechat public account article; and many international buyers will repost in their moments.

3. Displaying Products

We will display your products on the booth and offer customers with VR immersion product experience. In addition, your products will be displayed online on BuildMost.

4. Attracting and Sharing Customer Resources

We will arrange more than 200 people to promote on site, and at least 20,000 international buyers resources will be shared with you.

5. Priority of Inquiry Recommendation

It is expected that there would be more than 3000 valid inquiry information on BuildMost during Canton Fair, and all inquiries would be preferentially recommended to the franchised enterprises.

Join our sharing booth, I believe you will get many business opportunities here!

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Fees on Sharing Booth

This year we will not only attend the 126th Canton Fair (Phase 1), but also attend the Big 5 in Dubai and the Surface + Design Event China in Shanghai. In all above exhibitions we will have sharing booths.

The more exhibitions you attend, the more discount you will get. Up to 50% off with all participation. 

The specific exhibition information and fees are as follows:

1. Sharing Booth in 126th Canton Fair (Phase 1)

Time: Oct. 15, 2019---Oct. 19, 2019

2. Sharing Booth in the Big 5 in Dubai

Time: Nov. 25, 2019---Nov. 28, 2019

3. Sharing Booth in the Surface + Design Event China in Shanghai

Time: Dec. 11, 2019---Dec. 13, 2019

You can select:

  • Attend any one of the three exhibitions;

  • Attend any two of the three exhibitions, get 20% discount;

  • Attend three exhibitions, get 50% discount.

Contact us

No waiting, no hesitation, come on and join us! Let's explore more business opportunities and achieve a win-win future!

For more details please contact us by phone or Wechat:

Chloe Liang: +86 131 2948 3307         Candy Zeng: +86 134 3299 3412

Jan Li: +86 133 1842 6398                   Kent Zhao: +86 136 8238 2566

If you have any questions or requirements, you can contact us, or click “”on the right side of this page to contact our online service.
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