After Canton Fair, How to get reliable suppliers

“Maybe next time, I could browse the products by BuildMost and contact with the suppliers before the fair starts. And choose the valuable suppliers to visit, instead of wander aimlessly at Canton Fair.” 

Marcos saying, who has registered to join us at Canton Fair. So glad to hear that, because that is what we fight for: Make It Easy for Doing Business of Furnishing & Building Materials. 

With this belief, BuildMost attends the most influential trade exhibition in China, trying to provide a new effective way of doing business of building materials.


BuildMost VR Equipment

As many visitors have seen at 126th Canton Fair, on the main channel of the Area A, BuildMost has attracted a lot of visitors. They show great interest in BuildMost VR equipment, especially for designers, proprietors and developers. When wearing the VR glasses, they could “walk in” the finished hotel or apartment, to watch the product and design in a more vivid way.

BuildMost VR equipment allows the designers to show their works to their client in a visualized way. That could make the design works easier to understand, and help designers to get more business opportunities with it. For developers, they could promote their real estate with BuildMost VR equipment before the building finished. The equipment enables their buyers to watch their house in a more attractive way, which is helpful for sale promotion.

The function of VR equipment is pretty useful for participants of building materials, that’s why BuildMost’s booth always full of visitors. Based on the understanding of building materials industry, BuildMost has developed various functions to provide more convenient service for building materials industry participants.


BuildMost App

Except the VR, BuildMost App is another wonderful tool that enables you to get products of furnishing and building materials on your mobile phone. Like walls, floors, stones and sofas, curtains, lights, the products of the App cover over 500 categories of building materials. Until now, more than 120,000 products are waiting for you to discover. In case, you don’t want pay much time to search the product suppliers, don’t worry, there is another “lazy” way to go.

Posting your product requirements with BuildMost App is alternative method. Publish the details of the product you want, and the suppliers will see it and give a quotation for you. With BuildMost App on your cellphone, you could check quotation status at any time. Through this method, each requirement could be met easily. By the way, there are over 10,000 suppliers on BuildMost now.

And you know what? You could enjoy our service all for free. BuildMost isn’t a middle man, and don’t charge any fee from buyers neither suppliers.

At this Canton Fair, over 5,000 attenders has registered and downloaded BuildMost App. Because of BuildMost App, numerous high-quality products of Building Materials could be found, even when the Canton Fair is closed.


Service of BuildMost

Developed by Yekalon, a company with 20-years building materials international trade experiences, BuildMost understands the demands of Building Materials industry better. And, focusing on furnishing and building materials, BuildMost try to establish an international B2B platform to bridge global buyers and suppliers (of both product and design).

If you have a BOM of you project, and tired of contacting various suppliers. You could choose BuildMost one-stop purchase solution to deal with it. And if you are in need, other service like design, delivery, install are available on BuildMost.

Some may doubt the reliability of the suppliers on BuildMost. It’s unnecessary, because we audit each platform supplier strictly to ensure the authenticity of suppliers’ information, which gives a more safe trade environment for users.

What if there is a trade dispute? Don’t worry. BuilMost will give a hand to defend your legitimate interest, which allows users to make a worry-free deal on the platform.

In the future, BuildMost will develop more useful functions to provide convenient services for users.


Join Us

Useful, reliable, functional, easy to use, free of charge, those are reasons why more and more building materials participants choose to become users of BuildMost.

Now, getting BuildMost App from /,

to do business of furnishing & building materials in an easier way.

If you have any questions or requirements, you can contact us, or click “”on the right side of this page to contact our online service.
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