How could we attend the 127th online Canton Fair

Canton Fair 2020 spring session will be held online

The rapidly spread of the pandemic, China decide to hold Canton Fair online in the middle of late June. Domestic and overseas traders are widely invited to display products, by using advance new IT online trade platforms, which provides 24/7 online promotion, online negotiation, and other services. So that Chinese and foreign merchants can place orders and do business remotely.

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To get more opportunities from internet

Indeed, it’s more convenient to attend Canton Fair online, needn’t to worry about the airplane ticket, hotel booking and Visa. And without the restriction of space and cost, Canton Fair is accessible for more businesses at this time.
But will Canton Fair just become a larger online showcase? This is the question that many traders worry about after heard the news. But with the visual technologies, it’s possible for traders to attend the online exhibition as they are in the offline fair as usual. In addition, the well-developed loT and China’s pilot zones for cross-border e-commerce could help the traders to make an easier deal online. We still have no idea about the details of how the fair to be held online. Same as applied online, may we can preview the fair by B2B internet platform, such as Alibaba or BuildMost.

Preview the online Canton Fair on BuildMost

If you are involved in Furnishing & Building Materials, you could preview the fair by BuildMost. On BuildMost, you could:
Access to global supplies of furnishing and building materials
There are over 30,000 suppliers on BuildMost, from different regions, covering all the categories of furnishing and building materials, and all of them have been audited strictly.
Watch the product and its application by VR and panorama
BuildMost allows suppliers to show their products in a more vivid way by visual technology, and visitors could get a fully understand of these products online.
Make a direct deal without middle man.
On BuildMost, there is no middle man between buyers and suppliers, both of them needn’t to pay extra fees for their deal. That means buyers could get those products with the price as the manufacturers could provide.

Instant Messaging, requirement response, design service…more features are waiting for your exploring, try it yourself

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