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Do you ever feel anxious when you need a product for your project but can’t find a suitable supplier? Sometimes an inappropriate product may cause your plan to face the risk of reworking. That will be so disappointing and could give rise to a larger loss for any buyer.


How long will it take to find an ideal product supplier? What do you think? A client from Bhutan would like to tell us his story about how he makes it fast to find the supplier he is cooperating with now.


Part 1: Start with BuildMost

Like any other buyer in the world, Chimi wanted to purchase a quality product at a reasonable price. But the products provided by his local suppliers couldn’t meet his need. To help him find a suitable supplier, we recommended BuildMost to him.


Chimi showed his appreciation to our staff.


Chimi posted his first requirement.

He posted the first requirement for a K-type container house right after he registered on BuildMost. Within 24 hours, several product suppliers from different countries and regions quoted him in succession. All the suppliers on BuildMost were carefully verified by our staff to make sure every supplier is qualified and competent. So, he could rest assured to choose from the suppliers who quoted him.


Part 2: Find The Product Supplier

He discussed the further details of the project with suppliers. Each supplier presented their project cases experience to him to show their competence. He compared the samples’ quality that the suppliers sent to him and the prices they quoted. Finally, he chose a supplier that met his need the most and made a deal with it.  



Chimi and our staff talked about his supplier.

Part 3: After The Deal

Chimi told us that he was very pleased with the supplier he found on BuildMost. He has been quite satisfied with his first time using BuildMost, which is convenient to say the least.

He has already planned to start a new project, and he may need a helping hand from BuildMost. We were so glad to hear that our paths will cross again in the future. We showed our regards that we hope everything goes well with him. If he has any problem with BuildMost, he can tell us and we will help immediately.



Chimi has planned for the next cooperation.


About Us

Helping every buyer find a competent supplier and quality product, that’s what BuildMost hopes for and insists on. We have 60,000+ active registered product suppliers. Their products and qualification are well-certified by our auditors. Surely to bring the best experience of buying to buyers on BuildMost.


Of course, we will continue to improve the user experience, making it easy for every buyer to accomplish his project construction goal or get desired products. It’s the approbation from our users that makes us here. Thank you for reading. See you soon!

If you have any questions or requirements, you can contact us, or click “”on the right side of this page to contact our online service.
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