BuildMost Empowering Designer to Get Two Clients in One Week

It’s not easy to get clients in the architecture industry, let alone to get clients online. Pakistan architect Nouman Jan got all-around support from BuildMost and he successfully found two promising clients on BuildMost. How did BuildMost help him succeed?

BuildMost helps designers succeed. After graduating from the National College of Arts, Mr.Nouman became an independent architect to pursue his passion. He is masterfully competent in AutoCAD, 3ds Max, Photoshop, and so on. His tailored design service that corresponds with different projects has been well praised by many clients of him. He was a true talent before he even uses BuildMost.


A studio designed by Nouman Jan

BuildMost helps him to take a step further to find potential clients online, which is something Nouman hasn’t attempted before. Frightening as it might be, huge awards await designers with many online design inquiries. However, with professional BuildMost support for designers, designers can successfully get design inquiries online!

①Design requirements on BuildMost are A LOT for designers to showcase their talent. Over 200 design requirements are posted by global project owners and developers on BuildMost each month. As BuildMost continues its growth, more design inquiries await global designers. What’s more, design requirements on BuildMost are AUTHENTIC & REAL! Design requirements will go through strict verification by BuildMost support before designers are able to see them. Thus, designers can save a lot of time and energy to focus on design and projects.

②Designers won’t miss out on any design inquiries. BuildMost support will send corresponding design requirements to designers via E-mail or system message. Thus, designers can connect fast with global project owners and developers. Mr. Nouman’s case is enough to be proof of that. Mr.Nouman didn’t miss any messages from the client because of the help of BuildMost support. Even though he and his client are in different time zones, they are a few hours apart, which can easily cause delays in communication.

③BuildMost support is always there for you. BuildMost will respond to any messages within 24 hours. Nouman had a problem with drafting the contact, he then sent a message to BuildMost support, asking for help. BuildMost support addressed his request with spot-on, on-time advice. BuildMost always responds!


  BuildMost helped Norman draft his contract


BuildMost support helped Nouman revise the terms of the contract

④BuildMost’s all-including 1000+ product categories and 500,000+ products of building materials and furnishings will certainly help designers succeed. With rich resources on BuildMost, designers won’t have to scramble everywhere to find products for their design. 

BuildMost will continue to offer all-around support for designers. BuildMost truly believes designers’ success is BuildMost’s success. Join BuildMost now and connect with global project owners and developers. If you are a designer for architecture, interior, landscape, glass curtain wall, and steel structure design, what are you waiting for?

If you have any questions or requirements, you can contact us, or click “”on the right side of this page to contact our online service.
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