Holiday Inn Express Hotel optimization case

Design case 2021-06-18 369 0

Projects types:Hotel

Location : USA


Design service content:

1. Room layout optimization

2. Interior decoration effect design

3. Integrated product solutions


The Holiday Inn Express hotel we provided design optimization service  is  in  Atlanta, USA. This business hotel is designed as three-star standard and  equipped with 173-room .


The design optimization for this hotel of 15 room types includes :


Space function optimization (functional area)

Furniture layout

Moving line optimization


Q1 Queen Room




The problems of previous design :


The unreasonable entrance door direction  hinders installing left the switch panel through which guests can turn on the light once open the door. The optimization enhancing guests’ first perception to the guestroom.


The direction of luggage rack and wardrobe did not follow the side of entrance door .After the design optimization,the guests can unload their luggage at the first time when the enter the room.


The furniture includes bed, rug, bedside table, TV cabinet, TV ....does not form bedroom axis. After the furniture axis,the spatial layout is more standardized , conforming to guests’ spatial psychological behavior.


The unclear functional areas.The optimization plan uses sofa, office desk,chairs to form a leisure space and separates the office area.Thus, the dynamic and static areas are divided.


The absence of minibar


The previous bathroom is too crowded and the optimization design transforms the door into sliding door, which maximizes the bathroom space.

Q2 Queen Room


CAD design drawings


Disadvantages of the original layout

1: Disarray circulation planning

2: The function area is out of order

3: Crowded bathroom space

4: The variable size of fixed furniture is not conducive to cost control and the rational use of maximum indoor space.



After improvement

1: Space circulation is more reasonable, and space utilization is improved

2: The guest room function is more scientific and convenient to use(combined use of luggage racks and wardrobes, exchange of desk positions)

3: The size of fixed furniture is unified and classified to facilitate installation, production and later operation and maintenance

KS2 King room


CAD design drawings 2


Disadvantages of the original layout

1: Circulation line chaos

2: The privacy of the guest room is poor.


After improvement

1: The toilet is changed to a sliding door to alleviate  crowded  problem of the circulation at the foyer

2: The guest room is more comfortable and private

QQ2 Double Queen Bedroom


CAD design drawings 3


Disadvantages of the original layout

1: Circulation line chaos

2: Unreasonable functional size of the bathroom is a serious waste of space.

3: The door opens in the wrong direction. The power supply panel is not installed in the correct position


After improvement

1: The space has a clear distinction between movement and static

2: The most reasonable use of room space


More room types we offered optimization



Design detailed drawing

Design detailed drawing 2

Design detailed drawing 3

Detailed diagram

Detailed diagram

Detailed diagram

Detailed diagram

Design real-life display diagram

For more details of Holiday Inn Express Hotel Optimization case , please contact us or follow BuildMost to get more information.



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