Costa Rica Condo floor plan optimization

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2020, We offered the floor plan optimization service for this 3F 12 units Condo in Costa Rica

Actually, we optimized this project from below three aspects:

1.  Functional Area

2.  Furniture Layout

3.  Moving Line

CAD design drawings

The left one is original floor plan drawing


1. A small cabinet is added on the left side of the entrance, which can be used as a low cabinet or a comprehensive cabinet (upper for decoration, lower for shoe cabinet)


2. Public Bathroom Optimization: Change the placement of wash basins, toilets and shower rooms. This change is mainly because the original wash basin is facing the window, so there is no seat to put a mirror above the wash basin.

Benefits after the change: Put the shower enclosure at the opposite of the door. First of all, when the public bathroom door is opened, if people come out of the second bedroom, they just look in the washbasin mirror, the experience is not good; Second, it is more convenient to put the wash basin and toilet together, people can wash their hands after finish using the toilet;

In addition, it will save the cost to purchase show enclosure, cuz only one side glass is needed.


3. Laundry room optimization: In original, washing machine, wash basin and cabinet are on an uneven surface. After optimization, the plane is on a straight line and looks more beautiful.

In addition, the cabinet on the far side is changed to a hanging cabinet, so that people will not be so cramped when washing clothes in the middle, also the handing cabinet could store washing detergent.


4. Island kitchen optimization: widen the width of the island kitchen, and recess the side where the person sits, so that people will not feel so tight or uncomfortable of their legs when

sitting on that side, also enriching the functionality of the area.


5. Optimization of the living room TV background wall: The living room TV background wall is centered, with the symmetrical glass windows/glass on its left and right sides to form a symmetrical relationship of the central axis of the TV background, sofa, and outdoor dining table. This modification of the overall spatial relationship, is more in line with visual balance and human behavior relationship in space.


6. The balcony round table is changed into a multi-person square table, which increases the functionality of the balcony space and is suitable for more people gathering parties.

At the same time, the position of the square table is also aligned with the central axis of the TV cabinet, making the floor plan more reasonable.


CAD design drawings 2


Optimized floor plan with furniture layout


Are you interested in our optimization plan? If you want to get the service, please contact us or follow BuildMost to get more information.



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