BuildMost is still on service during the coronavirus outbreak

May you have heard about the situation of the coronavirus in China, people have to self-isolate at home for stopping the transmission of the virus.

Factory production of goods is expected to be severely delayed in China as workers will not be returning to work until much later.

But BuildMost is still on services as all of its business could be finished online. So what BuildMost can do at the special period.

BuildMost is on service Now

1.   More products updated every day.

Because of the virus, most of suppliers turn their attentions to the internet, hoping that will provide an acceptable way to get international buyer.

That’s why more and more suppliers choose BuildMost to promote their products.

During the coronavirus, BuildMost will continuously upgrade the suppliers and their products for you source or conference.

2.   Provide a safer way to source products.

It’s naturally that international buyers will ask is it safe to do business with China suppliers during the coronavirus. 

WHO (World Health Organization) has confirmed that the coronavirus is transmitted by person to person, but receiving packages or letters from China is safe.

Given to that, doing business online is a safer way for both of buyer and supplier.

There are 25,000 suppliers with 520 building product categories serve for clients from 120 countries and regions.

3.   Get more options during the special time.

At the time of the coronavirus outbreak, many businesses scale back production.

The Chinese government has extended the normally two-week holiday by at least another week.

What if any inconvenience occurred? It’s better to prepare plan B for your business. 

In addition, what’s the situation of China manufacturers? Is that still possible to do business with China factories? 

How long it will take for produce the products during the virus outbreak? 

By the internet platform, buyers could communicate directly with the different suppliers to get the information.

If you have any questions or requirements, you can contact us, or click “”on the right side of this page to contact our online service.
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