Things should know about control measures for entry ships

After the World Health Organization announced the new coronavirus epidemic as a "public health emergency of international concern" (PHEIC), and announced 7 recommendations about cargos, containers, and transportations, many countries have implemented strict control measures for Chinese ships or ships once docked at Chinese ports. While, there are currently no trade restrictions.

Ship from China

Singapore is the first country to adopt control measures against ships berthing at Chinese ports within 14 days.

Singapore Maritime requires body temperature screening for crew or tourists on ships and need “Maritime Health declaration” to be submitted before arriving.

Some countries like Brazil, also demand “Maritime Health declaration” to assess whether to issue a "Free Pratique". In addition, it is necessary to make a request for health quarantine within the specified time in advance.

Also, the United States has made it clear that it is only necessary to report the physical condition of crew and passengers in the past 15 days to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention in accordance with federal regulations, and there is no requirement to refuse docking.

It can be seen that there is no boycott of Chinese products in various countries.

What matters most is that product suppliers and shipping companies should fully understand the regulations of ports in different countries before shipment to make sure that customers can receive the goods timely and successfully .

At the same time, due to the quarantine of shipping personnel from China in many countries, the new procedures may affect the efficiency of customs clearance.

Suppliers need to explain the situation to the customers in advance, and double check with them including orders, shipping and receiving schedule.

We hope that buyers and sellers can have a good communication to ensure smooth delivery.

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