How to get medical materials rapidly from China

China’s export inspection on medical materials

To help other countries and regions combat the virus, China has tightened quality control over companies. Starting from April 1, exporters of medical products from China, including COVID-19 testing kits, masks and ventilators, need to provide extra documentation when they go through customs clearance. Such a move will help to ensure the safety and reliability of exported medical supplies. Exactly, there is emergency need of those medical materials, but the quality still shouldn’t be ignored.

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How to select good quality suppliers in China

There are many factories start to produce medical materials during the pandemic, especially for masks. In China, a qualified medical materials supplier must own the qualification of producing those products. So check the certificate carefully.
And, make sure that the products of your supplier are qualified for the export inspection, as China tightens quality control of export medical materials. Otherwise, there will are some unnecessary lost for that. After the export inspection, exported medical supplies also must obtain relevant qualifications and meet the quality standards of the importing region.
Given to those strict limitation on medical materials deal, finding a good partner is a key point for import those lifesaving materials.

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Get medical materials from BuildMost

In order to help our clients against COVID-19, BuildMost bring together lots of medical material suppliers of China during the special period. Just as usual, each medical materials supplier has been audit strictly for its products and license, so that you could feel free to source from them.
In addition, some of those suppliers, for example, Yekalon, have these medical products in stock, readying for delivery. Which means you could get those products instantly to meet the emergency need of saving lives.
Advanced delivery system of Buildmost is another key for saving time. With the delivery system, lesser effort you have to make, besides, reductions in total product cost can be achieved.

To get those medical materials for emergency use, you could source them now from Yekalon on
BuildMost .

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