The last update of the epidemic situation in China

Latest date of coronavirus epidemic in China:

Until the last day of March 2020, the total number of China infection situation is as follow:

Confirmed cases: 81,554

Suspected cases: 169

Recovered cases: 76,238

Dead cases: 3,312

As we can see from the data, 93% of those infection people have been healed and discharged from hospital.

According to these reports of last week, we can see the brilliant future. Only 1 new confirmed case found in Wuhan Hubei, the epicenter of coronavirus in China.

The total new confirmed cases of last week in China is 376, however, 98% of them are imported from abroad.

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The current situation of China

In the past few months, most of the infections have been treated promptly till healed, these makeshift hospitals in Wuhan have been shut down one by one, and the aid medical teams from other provinces have gone home before today 1st April.

Shortly afterwards, the quarantine policy of Wuhan will be withdrawn, and the people of Wuhan could leave for rest places of the country.

And as of March 28, 98.6% of major industrial firms in China have resumed operation and 89.9% of employees have returned to their posts. Excepting still wearing the mask, the whole country is going back to normal.

Until March 26, China has provided emergency assistance to 83 countries and intl and regional orgs including WHO & AU, by offering medical supplies such as testing kits and masks, and has donated $20M to WHO to support the fight against COVID19.

pray for the world

Wish a forthcoming end of the disease

As we can see, the situation of China is becoming steady; we should pay more attention to other countries. So this is the last update of the epidemic situation in China, thank for your attention. Hope the whole world could get rid of coronavirus soon. Wish all is good

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