What Chinese citizens did when face with the epidemic?

After the WHO’s pandemic declaration, lots of country announced its medical emergency. “How to protect ourselves from the disease” is the most popular question around the world. Maybe we can learn some lessons from Chinese experience. After “how to protect yourself from coronavirus in workplace”, here is “How to protect ourselves in daily life”.


Keep informed

Follow the advice from doctor, your national and local public health authorities on how to protect yourselves.

You may have known that the Covid-19 is not a normal flu as usual, which requires the community, the country even the whole world to work together for eliminating the virus. In addition, the authorities have the most up to date information on whether Covid-19 is spreading in your area, and they are the best place to advice on what people should do.

Stay at home

You may have heard of the severe quarantine practiced in China at the first beginning of the outbreak. People all across the country isolated themselves at home, which is the most effective way to stop the spreading of the virus in view of the situation in China now.

Cover yourself up

Arm your face with a surgical or N95 mask is a good way to reduce the risks of infection. Especially, to cover your mouth and nose with your bent elbow or tissue when you cough or sneeze and dispose of the used tissue.

The commonest carries of the virus are droplets among person-to-person transmission. It’s a good way for not only protecting you from infection, but also avoiding to infect others.

Wash your hand

Regularly cleaning your hands with alcohol-based hand hub or soap water could sweep the virus from hands. Because our hands may get some virus when touching some objects in public. Hint: wash your hand as the health authorities shown and wash at least 20 seconds.

Don’t touch face

Avoid touching your mouth, nose and eyes with anything that may carried the virus. As we know, you will not get infection after touched the Covid-19 unless the virus got into your mouth, nose or eyes. If the Covid-19 enters into those organs, then you have to take a test or a treatment.

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