5 groundless rumors about coronavirus you should know

rumors spread fast in internet

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Rumor 1: Novel coronavirus is more deadly than any other disease

That's not true. According to the World Health Organization, the fatality rate of the Covid-19 pneumonia is about 3.4 %, much lower than other diseases, such as Ebola (90 %). But it’s still higher than the death rate of seasonal flu, which is less than 1 %.

Rumor 2: Older people are easier to be infected than younger

The fact is that people of all ages may be infected by the Covid-19. But older people who with other diseases (such as asthma, diabetes and heart disease) are at higher risk of severe illness.

The median age of 55,924 lab confirmed cases is 51 until Feb 20. The age of 77.8% confirmed cases is between 30-69 years, according to WHO-China Joint Report.

Rumor 3: Novel coronavirus has changed into a more deadly virus

There are two major subtypes of coronavirus named L and S. The L type is more aggressive and was more prevalent in the early stages of the outbreak in Wuhan, Hubei province. But the S type is older and less aggressive, has increased in frequency lately, thus possibly explaining the disease's slowing momentum in China.

However, there's no evidence yet showing which type of virus is more likely to cause a severe symptoms.

Rumor 4: Recovered patients who test positive again can transmit the virus

There are some patients who testing positive again after recovery from the coronavirus. They test positive again because a bit of the virus still remains in their bodies when they are discharged from the hospital. It takes some time for the virus to be eradicated from the bodies of some patients, especially seniors.

Rumor 5: Asians are more vulnerable to novel coronavirus

The novel coronavirus, which broke out in Wuhan, China, is natural virus. However, although the novel coronavirus has firstly found in China, there haven't been any discoveries about which groups are more vulnerable to the novel coronavirus.

As the Covid-19 transmitting around the world, all of us should face up with the disease rationally, and protect ourselves in a proper way as the scientific guidance, instead of believing and spreading those groundless rumors.


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