How to get quotations efficiently from BuildMost

As the developing of BuildMost, more and more global buyers post their requirements on BuildMost for getting high quality suppliers.

Indeed, there are many good suppliers on BuildMost, who are ready to quote for requirement. But now for the important question: How can buyers get suitable suppliers efficiently?


Detail your requirements

Most of the buyers on BuildMost have specific requests, but don't know how to make it clear to suppliers.

It's not enough to tell just name and quantity of the products you need.

For example, you may need some tiles, but the supplier may ask: what kind of tiles, for wall or flooring, in kitchen or bathroom, which color, what finish.

Describe more details of your requirements, and supplier could give an accurate quotation for you. Because different supplier has different speciality, the more details of the requirement you tell, the more accurate quotation you will get.

Tell the purpose of usage

The second thing you can do to get high quality quotation is stating what you going to do with those products.

It's not only can help suppliers to understand your demands, but also have a chance to get more options for your business.

Just like one of our Philippines clients who require some doors and aluminum windows for his apartment.

But he changed his mind at last, because of the better choice his supplier offered him after giving a quotation.

As supplier's advice, he selected steel, not aluminum, doors and windows. It's understood that steel is better than aluminum in terms of anticorrosion, especially for the coastal area.

In addition, steel products are more steady when typhoon hitting the island country.

Multi-products requirement can do help

For convenience, BuildMost has developed multi-products requirement to help buyers to get different quotations by one requirement.

In other word, if buyers got different demands at the same time, they could post those in one requirement on BuildMost.

Firstly, that makes buyers' demands clearer to suppliers.

Secondly, buyers could show much truthfulness of the requirement by this way.

Sometimes, suppliers may worry about meeting scrams when choosing which requirement to quote.


Most likely, buyers doubt whether the suppliers are qualified or not. It's a wise choice to keep careful, but it's unnecessary to do that on BuildMost.

Each supplier on BuildMost has to be audited strictly before they enter the platform.

That ensures every single supplier on BuildMost is qualified enough to quote for requirement. Facts speak louder than words, why not try it now!

If you have any questions or requirements, you can contact us, or click “”on the right side of this page to contact our online service.
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