Why product consulting service is important to buyers

May you have already heard about “one-stop service” of BuildMost, a multiple service covering consult, product, design, logistic and installation.

To know more about “one-stop service”

Today, we are going to talk about the product consult service.

Product consult is a unique service of BuildMost that provides you advice and help for sourcing, purchasing, delivering and installing.

So what it can really do for you?

Product consult

Get better choice

There is a professional consult team on BuildMost serve for you after receiving demands.

Guiding you use BuildMost, helping to find product or post requirement, and recommending you high-quality suppliers according to your demands.

For example, there is a Kazakhstan user who wants some solid wood floor for his villa.

After recommending him good-quality solid wood floor supplier, our consultant advised him to decorate his villa by strand woven bamboo flooring.

Given to the big temperature difference between day and night in Kazakhstan, the bamboo one is more steady than the wood one when face up with the changeable climate.

Save cost of product

Clients could improve the installing efficiency based on the consultant’s instructions, just like one of our Philippines users.

His hotel is going to build different size of shower cubicles for 85% of these rooms.

That asks suppliers to produce different size with different mold and asks the builders to install the right size for right room.

But in the end, he changed his mind: most of the shower room will be the same size as our consult.

That not only could save the production cost, but also make the installation easier, because it’s a time-consuming work to make those products in right room by size.

Improve the design

Our consultant found errors at the first sight after receiving the design drawing from an Uzbekistan client.

For example, the direction of emergency doors of all the floors is the same: from the hallway to the stairs.

It’s reasonable for the other floors, but not for the first. Emergency exit doors should be open freely in the direction of travel.

At the first floor, crowds will run out from the stairs to the hall for find exit, so the direction of doors open should be different.

In the future, the small improvement may saves many lives when emergency occur.

Consult service

Get better choice, save cost of product and improve the design, those are the values BuildMost’s consult service can bring for clients.

More benefits are waiting for you to explore.

If you have any questions or requirements, you can contact us, or click “”on the right side of this page to contact our online service.
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