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Modern Style Apartment Building

Design Service Type:

Architecture Planning and Schematic Design (Floor Plan, Elevation, Section, Renderings)

Project Type: Apartment
Project Status: Under Construction
Building Height: ≤ 100M
Building Structure: Brick Concrete Structure
Project Location: Kiambu, Kenya, East Africa
Project Location: Kenya Kiambu
Style: Modernism Style
Project Grade: Exquisite (3Star-level)
Project Background
This modern-style apartment building is located in Ruiru in a semi-urban neighbourhood in Kiambu County, Kenya. The house is a six-storey masonry stone building designed to accommodate mid-size families. The site is a 40 by 80 feet lot situated within a residential community that features private dwelling homes, schools, religious buildings and shopping centres.
2D/3D Drawings
Side View from Across the Street
Front View from Street
Back View
Back View Showing the Stairwell
Architectural Renderings(Drawing/Photo)
Architectural Plan of Ground Floor - 1 Bedroom Apartment Unit + Parking
Floor Plan
Typical Floor Plan
Section Plan
Architectural Design Description
A modern style apartment building featuring 1-bedroom, 2-bedroom units and bedsitter units. The floor plan arrangement allows for smooth navigation, the flow of natural light and proper air circulation. The design of the 2-bedroom apartment has a back balcony area for utility and recreational use. The spacious living room and kitchen enable its users to socialize more readily within the family and also with guests. The building is perfectly suited for housing small to mid-size families.
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