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Cambodia ·Sihanoukville Hotel Apartment Project

Design Service Type:

Architecture Planning and Schematic Design (Floor Plan, Elevation, Section, Renderings)

Detail Design Services: Architecture Schematic Design (Exterior Renderings)
Project Type: Apartment
Project Status: Project Completed
Building Height: > 100M
Building Structure: SRCW
Project Location: Sihanoukville, Cambodia, Southeast Asia
Project Location: Cambodia Sihanoukville
Style: Modernism Style
3D Renderings
Sihanoukville, Cambodia 2017 The project is located next to the Sihanoukville Port as a display window for the port's future, creating landmark mansions. The overall design is based on the surrounding cultural and natural environment,and emphasizes the principle of green and healthy life. The international fashion of architectural style,combining the project's coastal location, embodies the flowing sense and grandeur of the building facade.
The building perfectly echoes the environment. Its wavy balcony façade, beach-like pure white color, natural and bright dynamics, and curved surface style with exposed frame horizontally and concealed frame vertically make it look like a ship sailing and ready to go. Also a vertical forest system is built.
The podium part lifts the deck-like sky garden with fan-shaped trees. The dazzling LED leaves grow on the big trees, bringing vitality to the business. An oversailing forest garden is created every five storeys,which brings people closer to nature, and makes the apartment not only a human home, but also a home for birds and other animals. Then combining the roof garden, an entertaining, green and healthy life is better reflected.
At last, the advantages of coastal buildings are given into full play. The floor-to-ceiling glass windows and extended curved balconies are designed, so that the sun could fill the entire room with a 180-degree panoramic curve balcony, the original space limit is broken magically, and people will feel like being surrounded by the sea with such a three-dimensional large sea view.
Construction land area: 11,067.63m², Overall floorage: 146,317.64m² Building density: 46%, plot ratio: 9, height: 150m
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