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Neo Impresssionists (pty)ltd

Office Location: Kempton Park, Gauteng, Republic of South Africa, Southern Africa Republic of South Africa Gauteng
Team Size: Less than 10 People
Year of Registration: 2016
Annual Revenue: Below US$1 Million

Design Service Type

Design Service Type: Interior Decoration Design (Floor Plan Layout, Renderings, Construction Drawings)
Acceptable Price:
USD 0-10/㎡
Design Certificate:
Specialized Project Type:
Apartment , Villa , Resort Hotel , Business Hotel , Office Space , Shopping Space , Entertainment , Cultural Exhibition , Exhibition Space , School , Airport , Church , Factory , Museum , Mosque , Concert Hall
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Service Area:
Provide services for 235 Countries/Regions

Company Profile


NEO IMPRESSIONISTS is a small design studio established in South Africa with a single goal: to create and manage unique and professional architectural solutions. Impressionism, a French movement from the 1800s, inspired the name. Neo-Impressionists work to re-envision this concept within the African diaspora by using art and design to express its tales. We offer expert services to everyone and have successfully developed and overseen a wide range of structures and buildings. Our initiatives range in size from minor to large-scale worldwide projects. Although we operate at our small office in Kempton Park, Gauteng, our approach and communication are entirely online, and rather than working in a traditional office, we bring our services to you or meet with you over coffee during the creative process.

To list a few of our services, these include refurbishment, conversion projects from initial feasibility and appraisal, evaluation and acquisition, thorough planning, and construction to successful completion.

Choosing NEO-IMPRESSIONISTS is not so much a matter of choosing an Architectural Company but choosing a partner that will continue to deliver results nobody else can.

Our manifesto:
To provide clients with unique solutions that fit their goals and needs.
To provide value-added services that are led at all times by the needs of clients and users.
In our commercial relationships, we must uphold the standards of professionalism and ethics.
In order to achieve our objectives, we must be an outstanding agent of Black empowerment, job creation, and community upliftment.
To make a direct contribution to South Africa's development and the achievement of the African Renaissance.
To act as a catalyst for local economic development by grooming up-and-coming artists and designers, hence creating additional jobs.

NEO IMPRESSIONISTS has extensive expertise in a variety of specialized sectors. The company provides professional services to institutional, corporate, public, and private clients; some of the services we provide to our clients are as follows:

Architectural 3D Graphics
Architectural design & construction documentation
Interior design
Town planning
Urban Design

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