The Low Efficient Way of Finding Suppliers Is Robbing Your Family Time


“Next Friday is Susie’s birthday, if I can’t make it home by then, I……”

“You will have missed her birthday 3 times in three consecutive years.”

Mr. Armstrong, who stands in front of the lounge of Pazhou International Exhibition Center, is making a call with his wife, and Susie is his little 9-year-old daughter.

A businessman who is always on business trips all over the world: this is the general impression of Mr. Armstrong to his families. Actually, to be more specific, he is a hotel developer, and he has a boutique hotel project in Iran. To find reliable suppliers and purchase all the products that he needs are reasons that he comes to Guangzhou to attend the 125th Canton Fair.

However, after two days’ selecting, he just settles on two suppliers: one offers doors, windows, curtains, and the other offers movable housing furniture like beds and sofas. So he needs to keep looking.

The clock is ticking. Mr. Armstrong mumbles in his mind, “It’s also okay to settles on several suppliers in a rush without too much consideration or evaluation. But is it really good for my project? Could I stand the unpredictable troubles after choosing the wrong suppliers?” If you were Mr. Armstrong, what would you do in this situation?


Several days later, Mr. Armstrong holds his daughter in his arms and cuts the birthday cake with another hand. His wife stands aside watching her husband and adorable daughter in a big smile. What a lovely family.


A Turning Point

Let’s turn the clock back to a week ago.

Walking around in the hall, Mr. Armstrong is looking for flooring products. “Excuse me Mr., Could I use your one or two minutes to introduce our website to you?” A well-dressed young lady holding an iPad says to him. “Most of the people carry products catalogs, why is she holding an iPad?” Mr. Armstrong wonders. Then he follows the lady’s instruction to sign up on a website named BuildMost. He notices there are many suppliers and various categories of products in building materials and furnishing industry on BuildMost. Mr. Armstrong asks, “Are these suppliers reliable? Or how do I know their abilities and strengths?” The lady answers, “All suppliers on BuildMost have to complete their company profile before uploading their products. You can get detailed information about their company conditions.”

Using the iPad, Mr. Armstrong posts a requirement about several products including flooring, walls, bathroom, and ceiling. And he completes the information such as the quantity, the purchase purpose and the quotation deadline. After doing that, he continues looking for suppliers in the hall.

Another tiring and exhausting day ends. Back to the hotel where Mr.Armstrong lives, he lies down on the bed and checks his email box. Then his eyes are caught by an email from BuildMost. “You received multiple quotations. Please check on BuildMost!” Mr. Armstrong signs in and reaches out to these suppliers. He negotiates with them and evaluates their business strengths one by one. He makes the face-to-face meetings with some of them, and then settles on several suppliers after evaluation. But one of them is in a city that is far away from Guangzhou, so he makes a video meeting with them. After checking their VR showrooms, digital catalogs and having a couple of times of video meetings, Mr. Armstrong is satisfied with them and decides to cooperate with them. Within a week, he finds all suppliers he needs. Thanks to BuildMost, he makes it home before his daughter’s birthday.


BuildMost Is the Future

The headline is not exaggerated at all. The low effective way of finding suppliers is actually robbing your family time. However, our point is not telling you that the trade fair or business trips are worthless, but to offer an intelligent platform to help improve your work productivity. The option is, in brief, for things that can be done on the Internet, no need to do them offline.

l  No need to negotiate face to face sometimes

On BuildMost, there are no more geographical restrictions anymore. Even the supplier you want to cooperate with is far from you, you can still evaluate their abilities through their company profile, e-catalogs, their showroom in VR version, and previous cases and related projects. We make sure that the suppliers on BuildMost are all reliable and trustworthy; all you need to do is selecting and negotiating.

 l  Publicly expose your requirements to all suppliers

If you attend a trade fair, you need to explain your purchase needs to each supplier you want to work with. And this is quite time-consuming. However, On BuildMost, you can post one requirement for various categories of products. And your requirement is exposed to all suppliers on our website, and you do not need to explain to suppliers one by one. Once for all.


What else

l  Check suppliers in advance before you go to the exposition

Some exhibitors in the Canton Fair have already registered on BuildMost. With company profiles, e-catalogs, VR showrooms, you can do a preliminary screening according to your purchase purpose. This step can help you save a lot of time.

l  Write as Detailed as You Can in Requirements Descriptions

The most important thing is to describe your requirements elaborately. For example, is it for sale, or for your project? What is the project type? Is it middle level or high level? More details you offer, more quality quotations you will receive.


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Join BuildMost and seize the future! All quality suppliers and products are waiting for you!